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OMG, U R so gay

New comic by Kieran Mangan for Melbourne newspaper MCV. Click for larger size. Tags: comics

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Barry Linton

gets profiled by Dylan Horrocks – there is a sneak peek on his new blog. Tags: comics,NZ

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Illustration Friday

For those of you who haven’t clued into Illustration Friday’ yet, give it a go. It’s a great way to test your skills and push yourself. Just do a drawing, web it up somewhere, post the location on, and … Continue reading

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Q-Ray to Lecture Poms

Q-Ray’s ‘The Lecture‘ “will have it’s debut screening in the UK at the Bradford Animation Festival on the 18th of November in the Independent Section. I’m going to fly over and have a look.“

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Everyone’s got one

Good lord, Colin Wilson’s got a blog.    Having worked in the UK and commercial Euro comics, he is pretty much off the radar of the indie-DIY-longarm stapler set in Australia. He makes money from comics though; might be … Continue reading

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