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Rooftops Launch

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Chat with Cat

France has a stronger career track for comic artists; if you try hard enough, it’s possible to make a living drawing things besides superheroes. This results in an impressive work ethic. For an entertaining overview of Francophone comic blogs, give … Continue reading

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Instantaneous II

An Art ExhibitionOpening 7pm Tuesday 4th December at the Grace Emily HotelAuction of pieces starts at 8pmExhibition runs to the 21st December 2007 The second INSTANTANEOUS art exhibition, celebrating original comic book panels taken out of their context, is opening … Continue reading

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C’est minimal

And entirely appropriate for Spline, a flash webcomic in French and English. Tags: comics

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Festivals Wrapup Part 2

Long awaited, here it is. Jeez, NYWF even has a Wikipedia entry.’_Festival Art by Jo Waite and Matt Hyunh. thanks to Hayden Fryer for photos.National Young Writers Festival Bloggery:Nicki Greenberg Howell Hyunh Hayden Fryer Small Press Expo Photos and … Continue reading

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