Break Out the Champagne

My New Years’ Resolution:

Do a 20-30 page comic in Khmer to be printed and sold on newsstands in Cambodia. Show the look, feel, taste and smell of life there.

Translate into French and English.

All else beyond that is Gravy.

Maybe apply for Xeric Grant. Do a site for the Pox Girls. Travel to Australia, if $ allows it. Learn some French, beef up my Khmer.

* * *

‘Resolution’ is a piss-poor term to describe plans, goals, ideas, but I guess it’s the term that sticks. What’s your comix plans, dreams, threats, manifesto? Where are you at, where are you going?

Email it to me and I’ll whack them all online for New Year. Pictures are good, we like them.

In the States until the 4th. If you want one, I’ve got copies of Indonesian QuickDraw #5 and other goodies.

- J Platypus Punkrock

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