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from Kirrily Schell:

Comix projects:

Secret Squirrel- a little cluster of comics and sketches that have been selected from various journals spanning the

last 3 years.

Wide Arsed Mole #5- Adventures with Ferret Face, Dorothy, Pertinance and the rest of the Squitters gang.(NO! I don’t believe it!)

Yes its true. I wrote a big fat script for WAM#5 in 2001, which has since evolved into a script for an animation…For now it will be housed in comic form. No official deadline as yet, though I am thinking I’ll be getting alot done by July, as I have a little Masters essay due round then (ie: drawing a comic is a magnificent way to procrastinate whenst an essay is due).

Animation – Sending ‘Toots’ to animation festivals aroond the


Other animation projex? Lets hope so.

Everytime I draw now I want to animate the character! I hope to have a few interactives happening by the end of the year, as I have a couple of ideas that stem from projects I did at the AIM studio this year.

There you go, a light sprinkle of my comix endeavours for the New Year.



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