Mikal Fikaris: BIG BOOKS


from MPF:

hey jimmy

those pix look awrite awrite and here’s some details on ‘em if you dare care…

These are some of the 333 photos taken at the closing party for ‘the hands of braddock’ show, which was the launch of froth/pumice split comic book/record and 4 new posters by aaron.

The opening show also had a stall manned by nat ‘n ali and a live show from pumice.

those shots are coming soon…

1)18 drummers by stefan

2) froth corner w/ nick potter’s head

3) l-r elron (lcd), stepchild and the butcher (jihad against america)

4) l-r aaron,paul (panel of judges) and stepchild gettin’ hasty

5) devilshark plays fer the kids (the idea was to go buy a pack of smokes from the milk bar, but the extension chord was a bit short) with a chain mail vest, ruined strings and LOUD backpack amp.

6) some of the ‘jams’ from a slide projector that was on the wall fer people to use and abuse.

7) froth/pumice jam piece from previous day w/ tim’s new comic to the left.

2004 for froth will become more evident after the first month, but tentatively,now workin in a print room, i have big plans to print BIG BOOKS, namely proan/urgh and a new pure evil anthology by the end of the year.

Already, intact fer shows is the next silent army groop show at early gallery, (february 20th) with over 30 comicists(currently being curated with lachlan, kieran and aaron) and the dark woods exhibition which kicks off in Hobart on the 13th of feb.

And, yes, the new silentarmy collection, still in progress, will be finished in the first half of 2004.


happy new year arsehole. xxxx

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