Charge Forward

from Lark Pien

hi all
i have a new website…finally.  thank you john weeks for kick-starting me…like 3 years ago!!! anyhoo, it’s at big thanks to sean o’connor for making this possible.
will be attending APE this year which is from feb 21 and 22 in san francisco.  i’ve pulled the talents of 20 people together, some artists, some cartoonists, some just comic book readers, (but man they write well!) to produce a comiker’s guide to san francisco. 
there hasn’t been a decent guide for visitors of the comic-ilk, and we’re trying to make everyone’s stay a bit more pleasant…if not more adventurous. it will have a full color cover with fold out maps and house 84 pages of eateries, shops, galleries, music venues, toy stores, art supply stores…you get the picture.  it’s a big project. i’m going to be baking LOTS of cookies and pouring lots of milk for all the contributors come release party time.
also working on Stories from the Ward #5…bats. plenty of bats.
thanks john,

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