[from Kieran Mangan]: As Kieran the “Comic Book Drawer” there are some contradictory points to be

made about 2003 – I did not put pen to paper all the long while, not really

even once, except when I did some drawings of rabbits and bears for a 5 year

old and also later for a 3.5 year old. So it was that I instead (of comic book

creating that is) wrote a film script about a girl who cannot differentiate

between reality and fiction. I also made some music which may or may not be

available one day and also worked an extremely dull job in a windowless


BUT I’m back on the Braddock Band Wagon this year with the upcoming Love &

Hate Extravaganza Explosion at Early Gallery in Collingwood, along with many

other Silent Army Ranking Officials. Though more on this later. With this as a

start, I will hopefully be executing a whole lot of pen and ink nonsense this

year, though time always shows if the fruit is ripe enough to fall from the


I will be talking at the Make It Up Day thingo at the Melbourne Town Hall on

the 24th of January, for anyone who is interested in hearing half thought out

concepts regarding autobiographical comics. Other than all this, keep checking

www.silentarmy.com for updates on all our literary philandering.

And remember, it’s the Year of the Monkey, and that’s just gotta be good.

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