They’ve been around fer a while now, the Braddock coalition, you mighta heard of this lot… makin’ little books,like PURE EVIL or SILENT ARMY, writing manifestos to leave in public places, contributing unnecessarily to public events and congregations of all sizes, you may even have seen one of their many public displays of the comic book lifestyle…it is likely that you may have met one of them, or even know someone from this esteemed group,the Braddock Coalition.

Summoned back in 1996 with the slogan ‘WE WILL CRUSH YOU’ thrown across their comic books, they now carry the humble ‘BEST DARN COMIC BOOKS IN THIS HOLE COUNTRY’ banner to their name. AS BRADDOCK RAINBOW IS SMALL BUT BRADDOCK RAINBOW IS NEVER ENDING With every issue an unsung prototype to the meaning of life, the Brad dock coalition comic book artist is virtually unstoppable in the pursuit of pride, parody and progression through releases in their chosen medium.

These comic book articles are often noticed with passing glares but rarely organized for the intention of ‘art’, more ideally suitable as communication invoices to their war torn colleagues of outsider ways. FOR BRADDOCK LOVES TO FIGHT AND BRADDOCK FIGHTS TO LOVE.

And as Braddock started with a wind that will never end, so does the Braddock Rainbow stretch over many lands and reach very high, eventually reaching the silent armies of minds atwar – leading them proudly to create their destiny,and destined to lead them selves with creativity. One such group has been using this Braddock term for some time now as a constantly evolving version of hope in an otherwise hopeless fight with art at large and the equivilant to writing new chapters in an unfound book. BRADDOCK IS RICH BUT BRADDOCK HAS NO BANK ACCOUNT

And so, with various new comic book titles being released, many pages to ‘read’ from some eighteen soldiers through their packaged communication invoices,we are sure when we say “this show’s gonna’look real good ‘aye” and would now like to personally invite you to witness this, the ninth show from the braddock coalition, live at-

Early space Upstairs Gallery – 201 Smith street colllingwood, victoria Australiaah. ~ Opening Friday February 20 at 6pm ~ w/NudieSuits playing discs.

~ closing Friday March 12 at 6pm ~ w/ AmazingBoy doing sound and visual.

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