Creating worlds and paychecks

“As he [Kochalka] describes it, his role as the author has nothing to do with plot; all he’s doing is creating an environment and a situation, into which he places characters like a scientist putting rats into a maze. His primary task isn’t building a story; it’s building a world.”

Dylan Horrocks on creating comics and worlds, from a seminar on creative writing:

“I enjoy rock ’n’ roll. It certainly is a unique and incredible phenomenon. Remember that 40 or 50 years ago, musicians didn’t make any money. They played to very small audiences in night clubs and road houses. Also, they had no protection on their records. I’m always asking rock ’n’ roll people if they know who Petrillo is, and none of them do. Well, they wouldn’t have a dime if it weren’t for Petrillo because he organized the Musicians’ Union way back at the end of the ‘30s. And that is why they make money on their records. There wouldn’t be any white Rolls Royces or anything like that.”

William Burroughs on how rock music became such an 800 pound gorilla/Rock Ape:

they got organized. Where’s my white stretch limo?

(Link courtesy Boing Boing)

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