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Michael Fikaris on the move:

here is the lowdown on my comics lifestyle….my man, i am still (furthering

thee local culture) making those comics & kicking back all the while for miles

on miles…..

Just finished –

colour comic for ‘Demented by excess’, one of 12 cards being handed out at this

years NextWave festival.

· Hand drawn posters for ‘Goo’ show at Early Gallery with over 30 others

· Digital reprinting of froth 16 contents for web-zine www.undergrowth.net.au

Coming Soon –

· The Empty Show , Fitzroy : April 18th….

· NUCA! Australias 50 most uncollectable artists card set www.uncollectables.net

· BLENDER Swatch book of ‘blending’ artists for a studio show in this years

NextWave festival (look at thenext wave web site soon for more here).

· 67% say they were misled… exhibition catalogue (and a poster in the show) to

be opened in Melbourne and Dublin simultaneously on May 4th

· A workshop on April 24th for the MAUS show at Jewish museum

Coming up –

[you’ll have to wait for this one…]

· STEPCHILD to be included in local radio station cd and booklet in May…

Mikal, easter Sunday 2004.

RIP Braddock:

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