The Eagle Has Landed

Tracy White writes re: San Diego Comic-Con:

Watch for Tranquility Base (booth #1230) where I’ve teamed up with four of my all-time favorite webcomics artists (Patrick Farley, Jenn Manley Lee, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Tracy White) to showcase our work and, well… have a place to sit! You can find us right across from the Image Comics pavillion, featuring the Flight Anthology booth (including Pants Press) and Scott Kurtz; and right next to Dumbrella and Keenspot. Y’think San Diego’s getting a handle on this web thing? Sure looks like it. [This just in: You can also find Lea Hernandez at 1429!]

R. Stevens has dubbed our neighborhood on the floor as “Sexy Lagoon.” Here’s a map:

also be on a panel: “Friday: 12:00-1:00 24 Hour Comics. Why would a cartoonist try to create a 24-page story in 24 straight hours? Concept creator Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics ), 24 Hour Comics Day founder Nat Gertler, comics shop owner Atom! Freeman, and cartoonists Christian Gossett of The Red Star, Josh Howard of Dead@17, and Ryan Browne of 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2004 talk about their 24 hour comics experiences. Room 1B.”

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