Oz Comics Roundup

Michael Fikaris doing some ‘extra classic’ work.

Kirrily Schell‘s got some new animation up at Inkwinks dot com.


Silent Army is getting together an anthology of all Melbourne Cartoonists.

http://www.silentarmy.com Trouper MPF recommends giving http://www.awcomix.blogspot.com/ a squizz

Mandy Ord has two new comics out, “Dirty Little Creep” and “Sensitive Creatures”, at 40 pages each!

More info at Comics Australia (where the image above was stolen from). Discussion at http://forums.ozcomics.com/showthread.php?t=4638

Bruce Mutard has gotten a ‘developing writers’ grant for a graphic novel to be published in 2006. http://forums.ozcomics.com/showthread.php?t=4685

And Poopsheet reviews Aaron Burgess’ anthology ‘The Ink’. Sound like a lotta comics action going on down in Tassie…

Zines and comics: Australian Zine Resources


Sticky is doing some stalls and fundraisers in December. And now they’re open on Saturdays!

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