Swing When You’re Swimming

Q-Ray’s short and sharp ‘Batmania’, all too real alternate Tasmania featured in Going Down Swinging.


Tasmania gallery blog, Silent Army show in the works.

Glutton for punishment and comics down south, Aaron Burgess:

I’ll be opening a business in a few weeks, and want to stock a range of zines, mini-comix, and pins. If you publish/make any of these, and would like me to carry them, please send one sample of each item for consideration to PLAY by WIRE, attn: Aaron, PO Box 193, Kings Meadows, TAS 7249

I am more than happy to display promo material for the stock I carry, including flyers, posters, postcards, whatever!

I’m currently looking to stock only Aussie stuff at present, but will look at taking submissions from overseas people down the track (making overseas payments can be a real bitch).

If you would like your submission copies returned please include a S.S.A.E.

With your submission, you will need to include the shelf price(s) (rrp), your postal, and email addy (if you have one).

Like all things, I’d love to buy up front, but as this is a new business starting out, I can only deal via consignment. Thankfully for you I’m only asking for 20% of the shelf price.


aaron @ comicsaustralia.com

[Maybe it's something in the water?)

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