Mackay @ Norway

Prinsens (above)

I’ve managed to have a few meetings with the local underground comics

guys and they are all pretty good. We drank beers in the local 200 year

old bar, swapped comics and traded strories about the comics scene in

australia and in scandinavia. I am selling my comics at the local comics

shop for 49 kroners each and trying to draw everyday. Norwegians like

most europeans LOVE comics so I am having a good time collecting weird

norwegian comics.

Photocopies are expensive here ( like everything else)

and the comics are nearly always printed in denmark or maybe sweden and

zines are uncommon. The standard is high here and there are varying

grades of popular type comics everywhere ..( all in norwegian)

Unfortunatly I am leaving soon and am reconciling not having done more

work largley because of the tourist factor the fatigue of a cold weather

climate (it was a mild minus 7 today) and the fact that I painfully

almost broke my arm on the ice (wear spikes!)

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