Brad Daniel’s is looking to publish a new issue of Groovy Gravy

(image courtesy

(issue 10 to be exact) for the Brisbane Supanova Con this April, and is looking for people interested in putting something together for it.

It’ll probably be a limited print run… only one or two hundred printed up, but Brad is super keen do something new for the con.
Brad wants people to continue in the Groovy Gravy tradition with their piece… It doesn’t aspire to be high art, just a bit of a giggle. Brad doesn’t have a theme or anything yet, but he says they do have a tendency to appear of their own accord when people send stuff in.
If you wanna do something, just drop him a line [b r a d a.t. e d g e c o m i x d.o.t. c.o.m. (you figure it out)] and let him know what your idea is and how many pages you want.
The deadline for the receipt of stories is 26th of March.
Let him know if you’re keen… Brad hasn’t put together any comics like this for about 5 years… So it should be a challenge!

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