Herman, the Legal Labrador

From David B in Melbourne: Been wanting to watch the epic animated short “Herman, The Legal Labrador”, but haven’t had the time or inclination to harass the director for a copy?

Come 11:20pm, Saturday March 26, you can tune in to SBS’ “eatcarpet”program and watch your favourite doggie lawyer in all his TV PREMIERING GLORY!  There will also be some stupid foreign films, but WHO CARES?!

SBS has a nifty notification feature. If you SMS the secret code:  4019
to the phone number 1990 0727, SBS will send you an SMS reminder before the show starts. I’m not making this up. Go here for proof:

Maybe you don’t want to sit indoors on a Saturday night. In that case, make your way down to BAR OPEN (317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy) on the night, where we’re going to be watching the SBS broadcast as it goes to air. Is it necessarily a good idea to try to watch TV in a bar? No. Is it an excuse to get together for fun? Yes! So be there.     http://www.nakedfella.com

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