An exhibition featuring the comic art and animation works of 27+ of Australia’s underground, self-publishing creators…
Anton Emdin – Ross Tesoreiro – Louise Graber – Gerard Ashworth – Glenn Smith – Ryan Vella – Ben Hutchings – Mandy Ord – David Blumenstein – Jo Waite – Carol Wood – Susan Butcher… D.Rat – Marilyn Pride – Lewis Morley – Matt Caulfield – Q-Ray – Chris Mikul – Biddy Maroney – Dillon Naylor – Linzee R. Nold – Steve Carter – Antoinette Ryder – Anthony Woodward – Stephen Dodds – Tim Danko – Bernard Caleo… With more to be confirmed
This is by no means a comprehensive who’s who of this flourishing art scene, but it does offer a great insight into the energy, beauty, humour, vision, originality and commitment necessary to sustain the Australian comics lifestyle.
MARCH 11 – APRIL 17, 2005
Opening night – 6pm for 6:30pm
Orange Regional Gallery
Civic Square, Byng and Peisley Streets
Orange, NSW 2800
Ph: 02 6393 8136
Fax: 02 6393 8100
Proudly Sponsored by Printflow, Orange


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