Comic Korea

Courtesy Marc Selan

Coming up at the end of September, the Bucheoon Comic Fair is taking place,
where publishers and artists from all over Asia come and check out each
others work; looking for new talent and what not.

This year, the Korea Cartoonist Association, has budgeted to invite about 40
guests from around the world, concentrating on picking a few artsists and
publishers from each major country. Invited guests will get flights and
accomadation and will be asked to attend presentations, galas and forums.

Publishers and artists are asked to present some sample pages and a resume
of their work to a committee of artists and organisers.
Invitations will be based on the quality of the work, the scope of work and
the importance of that work (”influence and popularity”).

The portfolio should have about 8 pages of art (plus or minus a bit) and
then a comprehensive listing of work, plus a biography – including details
of awards, experience.

So if you are published and want to go to Korea, or know some one who would
be good to showcase overseas, contact me at mark_selan *, and I’ll
pass your samples on or give you contact details for Joelle (the Buncheon

Deadline 2 weeks

For more details on the World Comic Artist Conference –
(check out the gallery)

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