Snack Bar Art Space

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 13:21:21 +1000


Snack bar is a new project using vending machines to sell art in public
spaces in the inner city of Melbourne. Snack Bar Art is cheap and
to the general public and provides a free space for artists to distribute
their work. All proceeds from the project go directly to the artists. In
place of chips and chocolate bars, artists are invited to submit any kind
ofwork (within size restrictions) for sale.

Works could be:
* Jewellery
* Badges
* Found Objects
* Instructions
* Patches
* Ozines
* Comics
* Audio Tapes
* Prints
* Paintings
* Collage
* Textiles/Knitting/Crochet
* Sculptures
* Drawings
* Gadgets
* Flipbooks
* Toys
* Tools
* Toys
* Constructions
* Poetry/Prose
* Puppets

The works may be one offs or multiples and will be sold for $2 each, all
proceeds going to the artist. Works will be packaged in cardboard boxes
(which we can supply at no cost) which will also containing a brief artists
bio (see application) and a map of artist run spaces in Melbourne.  Art in
this project will be an anonymous gift to an anonymous stranger, the
artwork is an invitation to experience the Melbourne¹s independent art scene

Maximum size for works: 200mm tall/100mm wide/50mm deep. (From the size of
a small chocolate bar to the size of a 50gr packet of chips)

The location of the first vending machine is in the new café district in
Victoria St Brunswick in the extraordinary coin laundry. Another machine
will be installed in a pub in St Kilda or in the city shortly.

Contact Emma on 0433 352 679 or at for more

First Round:     November 20th 2005
Second Round:    January 20th 2006
Third Round:     March 20th 2006
Project Launch Party in Late November, details TBA

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