New Zealand Eric Awards Shortlist

  Best art
  *The Six Who Went Far in the World by Simon Adams
  *Lost Wellington by Tim Bollinger
  *Win Tanes Bra by Clayton Noone and Stefan Neville
  *HolyCow #3 by TomWilliamson
  *- Fin Fang 4 by Roger Langridge
  Best Anthology
  *New Ground
  *Oats 5
  *Funtime Comics: Unau prolepsis
  *Party on the edge of time (edited by Brent Willis)
  *Paunch (edited by DavidBatt& MatHunkin)
  Best short piece
  *Mucus Man by Brent Willis
  *The Journeyman – AntSang (Pavement issue 63)
  *Graveyard Etiqette – MatTait (Pavement issue 66)
  *’Speed is Fast, Sound is Loud’ by SophieMacMillan in Scheherazade (edited by
  Megan Kelso, Soft Skull Press)
  *G.C.R in Pavement
  Best Comic
  *Progress 4+5 by Jared Lane
  *Lost Wellington by Tim Bollinger
  *Falling Leaves by Richard Fairgray #1-3
  *Tim Danko Beer Trilogy
  Best words
  *CameTheDawn 1,2,3 by  TimothyKidd
  *Bip Bip #7 GCR
  *TrueLives by Claire Harris
  *Falling Leaves by Richard Fairgray
  *Serina 2 by Steve Malley
  Best Debut
  *Shakey Mo Producto
  *Space Wish by Sam Killeen-Chance
  *Boy Meets Girl by Eddie Dawn-McCurdy
  *R. Duthie by Song for Bob Dylan
  *This is Not A Comic #1-#4 (edited by PritikaLal & CocoSolid)
  Best Distribution
  *Moonrocket, Cyberspace
  *91 Aro Street, Wellington
  *Cherry Bomb Catalogue, K’Road, Auckland
  *Funtime Comics, Christchurch
  Best strip
  *’How to Communicate With Teenagers” Reaktor magazine, Steve Saville
  *Fishing for Orphan (in Canta) by James Squires
  *Sophie McMillan’s strip in the ‘Scheherazade’
  *Jitterati by GrantBuist  Jitterati website
  Best web comic
  *Yellow Girl by Tara Black
  *Jitterati by Grant Buist
  *NewtownGhettoAnger by JarrodBaker (Newtown Ghetto Anger website )
  Best Comics related website
  *Blue Scar website? until it’s redirected to
  * (DebraBoyask)
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One Response to New Zealand Eric Awards Shortlist

  1. Jinja says:

    Fin Fan 4: Roger Langridge AND Scott Gray, plus
    Brunswick is by Grant Buist
    ‘Best Debut’ “R.Duthie FOR Song
    for Bob Dylan”

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