Media release: OzComics 24-Hour Challenge 2006

OzComics 24-Hour Challenge 2006

This Queens Birthday weekend (June 10-12) artists, animators, designers and illustrators from around Australia and the World will aim to produce a 24 page comic in 24 hours. That’s plotting, scripting, layouts, pencilling and lettering, in 24 hours, work that usually takes a month

Event Organiser Mark Selan commented “This event is open to everyone with a passion for the medium of comics or for just telling stories in interesting ways… and because it is a web based event anyone from rural or remote Australia will have the same opportunity as the metro areas to participate and in doing so show their talents to a wide audience”

The 24 Hour Challenge is Coordinated from an online HQ at participants will report on their progress in dedicated forums, posting work live to the web as it happens. Some participants will gather in small groups while some will choose to work alone. They will labour in a concentrated burst of creativity and productivity that is unique to this event.

For more information, contact:

Jacen Carpenter

Phone: (07) 4658 3311 (work)


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