‘my soiled sample’ book launch

…here tis! the launch of a new comik book to blaze across the firmament bathing all the upturned faces below in a dirty ‘soiled’ glow… you know you want it, so come and get it!
Be at The Wine Cellar, St Kevins Arcade, Auckland New Zealand on…
Friday the 16th June
…to be the first on your block with a hot copy!! 100 pages of comik action!!


Sugar Jon Arcus, Neale Blanden, Daniel Canada, Amber Carvan, Camille Libre, Tim Danko, Michael Fikaris, Rachel Garbott, G-Frenzy, Nicola Hardy, James James, Chris Knox, Demarnia Lloyd, Gregory Mackay, Alie Mcpherson, Indira Neville, Stefan Neville, Clayton Noone, Aaron O’donnell, Mandy Ord, Nick Potter, Leigh Rigozzi, Kirrilly Schell, Darren Schroeder, Kathryn Sing, Toki, Anthony Woodward, Witcyst

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kirrily’s contribution, sent at 5 in the morning.

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