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Finally a fair just for self published comics in Melbourne, Doujicon.
From the site:

“Doujicon (pronounced Doh-OO-gee-Con) is a place where local cartoonists and animators can sell their works without the worries of other Zine Fairs, Pop-Culture Expos and Comic Conventions.

At Doujicon, it’s all about the comics, and the artists that create them! We know how little there is encouraging new artists to spring up and create their own work. We’re aware that it’s impossible to get people to pay attention to locally made stuff when Yu-Gi-Oh and Spider Man are competing for your audience’s attention and money. And we know all too well that there’s no way in hell you’re going to turn a profit when you’ve got to pay $100 or more for a table as well as the production costs of your comics.

Been there… Done that…

Upon registering, artists and animators will be given a table for no cost other than
that of entry… That’s right, you get a table to sell your wares to the public for
only $5!

Doujicon is going to be all about the people that made the cartoon & comic
industry what it is today: The people that did it, and continue to do it,

What’s more, we’re going to show you that you can do it to.”

I’m going to really try hard to make it to this with some new gear. Hopefully the next issue of 7 pages digest (which just so happens to be a special comics issue)
Check out the site for more details, Cheers Anthony Woodward

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