This Way Up

is a collaborative comic based in Dublin.

Following several characters in their journeys around the city, portions of the original script is given to painters, illustrators, designers, and interested souls who don’t even consider themselves ‘artists’ to respond with their own interpretation.  The various work is then reassembled, creating a kaleidoscopic experiment in storytelling and artistic interaction.

Each issue skips between the various characters, but follows one character predominantly, giving us access to their dreams and letting their wanderings shape the city.

Issue 1 was launched in February 2005 featuring 12 artists, who introduced us to novel postman Jimmy and his silent interaction with the walls of Dublin.

Issue 2, released July 2005, had 18 artists depicting the soundings of radio pirate Declan.

Now the unpublished issue 3 is available online!  This issue is shaped by the compulsive postmaster Raymond, and his encounter with the infamous Engineer.  Unlike the first two issues, where narrative and artwork are structured around each page, issue 3 is a sort of chronological timeline, with each character occupying a concurrent space on the page: Raymond occupies the top line of every page, while we trade between Declan, the Engineer, (floating crown), Jimmy and his mates in their simultaneous goings-on.

The website features all three issues available for download, as well as the original scripts, original artwork and alternative pages.

Artists featured in issue 3: Eoin An, Paula Banks, Jagu Bhomra, Bea Brennan, Leo Boyd, graf artists Choc and Trader, Nick Cassidy, Emma Fite-Wassilak, Chris Fite-Wassilak, Ruth Lyons, Janto McMullin, Steve McDevitt, Rob Mirolo, Eavan O’Sullivan, Eva Plazewska, Henry Place, Catherine Ryan, and cartoonist for UK publication the Liberal Ed Scott

For more info contact Dublinthiswayup at

And for those of you interested in Irish comics, check out the growing Irish Online Comic Creators Challenge:

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