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ho ho! bam! big ass mini book debuted at spx this last weekend and the first opinion hits the chattery message board of the comics jounies… and four out of the six people in his top category are australian! thats gold gold gold for australia! nice to know that your stuff actually works on some level, for somebody. cheers.

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“Instead of running through the book in order, I’m going to divide it into four categories and address the work in each.

1) Work that I would have published, were I the editor. This is, sadly, the slimmest category. But there are some real gems in this book! It is a great pleasure to see Art Baxter in print again – his SPUD was an excellent book and his two stories in BAM! are lovely. Tim Danko is a truly original new voice in comics, and his HOLES is excellent. My story is good but I should have scanned it better and it looks weird on the page, that’s life. Glenn Smith’s “Ding,” which closes the book, is quite well drawn. And a long Mandy Ord story is always welcome. I found Ben Hutchings’ gags quite funny. Les McClaine can do better work but this is fine for a quick bit. So that’s 55 pages, or a little over 1/10 of the book’s length, that I would have paid to publish. “

reviewed on the comics journal message board by k thor jensen.

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  1. Jinja says:

    Welcome, original ‘new voice’!

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