BOY CRAZY call for subs deadline

Hi Girls!
The Boy Crazy deadline for submissions has passed – thanks very very much to all the fantastic artists who submitted work, the standard of subs has blown us away and we’re crazy excited about putting the book together.

We’re having a meeting this weekend to sort out all our content, so if you’re halfway through a submission and wanted to sneak it in late we can TRY to fit you in but only if you contact us immediately to give us a heads up on where you’re at and how many pages you’re working on, either by email or by calling Coco on 027 454 0266 or Mitch 027 224 5885. Unfortunately we’re going to have to be staunch about this one, anything that’s more than a week away will probably miss out… but keep in contact for future publications.

Thanks again for all your interest and support and contributions, stay in touch and we will of course keep y’all up to date with what’s going on with the book as it happens.


Mitch and Coco
Boy Crazy

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