Artists for Asylum

I am a volunteer at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), which isAustralia‘s largest asylum seeker assistance organisation. We run almost completely on community donations, fundraising efforts, and have over 800 active volunteers. If you wish to know more about the centre you can go to or just ask me anything you like!

We are running an art auction on June 29th, specifically for cartoons and
illustrations (hopefully political or asylum seeker related). I am hoping
that you may be interested in donating an image (or more than one…we can
be greedy!) to this project. We are hoping to have a wide range of cartoons
and illustrations, and to make a good profit for our human rights programs.

The deadline for supply of work for the auction would be June 15th
(although if the work is framed it could be later!) I hope that you’ll be able to help us out.


Bec Yule
Graphic Designer
redchilli [via]

Tags: comics

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2 Responses to Artists for Asylum

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello! Can I get your email address so that i could directly correspond with you?

  2. josh says:

    This sounds like an admirable cause. What level of artistic expertise are you looking for for donations? Well-known names? Professional artists/illustrators? Amateurs?

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