Can I has maple syrup?

“A cartoonist, a pirate radio station, and the lost letters of a schizophrenic”


Dream cartoonist Jesse Reklaw (the syndicated “Slow Wave”) finds himself within the eye of a tempest when his latest comic depicts the World Trade Center rebuilt as an IHOP staffed by Afghan refugees.

Downstairs, his roommate Fausto keeps to himself by creating lush soundscapes for his weekly pirate radio show and immersing himself in a second-hand photo album containing the lost letters of a schizophrenic. But Fausto’s quiet days are numbered as attention surrounding the cartoon threatens to bring his underground operation into the limelight.

Hat tip to Shannon Wheeler for info.
Image Copyright © 2007 John Balquist Productions. All Rights Reserved.
Used for promotional purposes.

Tags: comics,cinema

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