P.A.N.I.C. October 27th

USA: J.Melkmann writes: “This Saturday Oct. 27 from 7:30p.m.-12:00a.m. it’s P.A.N.I.C.!! (punk & independent comics) the third annual ALL AGES Punk Rock/Comic Book show at The Bowery Poetry Club! (308 Bowery 212-614-0505) Over 20 underground comic book artists, and three bands!! It’s a Halloween Show too, so be sure to dust off your Dr. Doom costume and come on down to buy comix & hear punk rock!

7 bucks American gets ya all this:

The Sheckies (NJ) 8:30 ,World War IX (NYC) 9:30, Chesty Malone & The Slice ‘em Ups (NYC) 10:30

Artists include…..
John Holmstrom, Barf, Avi Spivak, Abby Denson, Cheese/House Of 12, Fly, Jenny Gonzales, Paul Benincasa, Tony Arena, Brandon Zamora, Charlie Fetherolf, Dave Fox, Liz Baillie, Luke Pulermo, Matt Loux, Amy Chase, Ripley/Trauma Team, Matty Stumbler, Robin Enrico, Crazy Glenn Wernig,Tom Hart, Justin Melkmann, Amye Austin

See ya there!”

Commentary: http://www.tcj.com/messboard/viewtopic.php?t=3014

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