Molloy Ahoy

New Zealand:

13th-20th November 2007
Tim, Matt, and Sean Molloy present:

For the first time in their illustrious careers, the three Molloy
brothers will be conducting a show together, in the environs of Cross
Street Studios. Though each has pursued his own unique path towards
artistic satisfaction and invention and all work in different
mediums, the three are united by a love of the bizarre and share
influences such as surrealism, horror, street art, science fiction
and comic books. They also all work in froms that extend beyond
traditional fine arts practices and look to reach a wider audience.
The three Molloy brothers are all also musicians, and a selection of
various recordings will be available for listening and purchase at
the show.
Tim, currently residing in Melbourne, will be travelling back to New
Zealand specifically for the exhibition.

Opening: Tuesday 13th November, 7pm.
Daily: 14th-20th November. 10am till 6pm

Hi there y’all, for those of you who need reminding, the ‘Molloy Ahoy’ show is on this Tuesday the 13th at 7pm. Cross St Studios, 27 Cross St, Newton. Be there or be square! We’ve been lucky enough to get sponsorship from Villa Maria wines, and hopefully there’ll be some beers too, but I would advise all those truly dedicated boozehounds out there to bring some of your own too. x

More info? Contact Tim.
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