Your Puerto Rico Comics Update

Soda Pop Comics recently participated in the 24 hour comics drawing day, (comic by Rosa Colon) and has an anthology on the way: “check out the cover for the Soda Pop Anthology. We have 5 really talented girls who wrote and drew amazing stories for us. Both comics premiere at Kaisen, November 11.”

“This is the cover for our new short story “$19.95″. In this story Bianca has to earn money in order to buy a comic book her mother won’t buy for her.”



Meanwhile, pop culture mavens @rtificium have just taken part in
The 1st Annual Cartoon & Comics Encounter @ Plaza Carolina, Puerto Rico
“In the activity, the following artists & artists groups participated:

Alvaro Cortés
Arturo Yepéz
BlackRose Comics
Carlos Alvarez “Cadmius”
Dave Alvarez Studios
El Antillano
Ernesto E. Cruz “Vego”
Martin Gaudier
Scorp 22 Studios
Unity Artists Groups
& many others”

more info & pictures

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