Rent Party!

La Mano Press (publisher of John Porcellino, Zak Sally and more is discounting its offerings, get something while the going’s good!

(in the pipeline: Jason T. Miles, Dead Ringer)

here’s EXACTLY WHAT is on sale, here: Diary Of a Mosquito Abatement Man by John Porcellino; Recidivist, Sammy The Mouse (book and screenprint) by Zak Sally; Portrait Of A Young Man Trying To Draw (and silkscreen print) by William Schaff; Wait, You’re Not A Centaur (and the corresponding silkscreen) by Nate Denver; and both the Low/ Dirty 3 and Zak Sally “anatomical” silkscreen. any other questions, just email them to orders [via] lamano21 [dot] com)

easy as pie: just go to the site and order some stuff via paypal, write “rent party” in the comments area, and i will paypal you back your discount as soon as i recieve the order, then send the thing(s) off to you.

and GUESS WHAT: orders over $35 (before rebate) get a FREE poster: either the Low/ Dirty 3 poster or the Nate Denver poster, you decide. AND: orders over $50, and you get a free (signed, limited edition) William Schaff silkscreen. like i said, this is just good through december 15. come on, you freaks.”

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