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Nicki, Bruce, Erica and Bernard
(Nicki Greenberg, Bruce Mutard, Bernard Caleo, Erica Wagner from ‘Aggressively Strange Fables’ presentation – photo (c) Bernard Caleo)

Dear All,

a very happy and excellent new year to you!

The presentiment that 2008 might well be an excellent year for
Australian comic books is given an extra psychic boost by dint of the
year beginning with a 6 part series aired (and streamed) by your
friendly community radio station, 3CR (855 AM in Melbourne).
Wednesdays from 9am to 10am. Hosted by comic correspondent John
Retallick, comic maker extraordinaire Jo Waite, and yours trewely.

Issue #2 airs tomorrow, 2 January 2008, and features an interview with
the remarkable Nicki Greenberg, whose graphic adaptation of ‘The Great
Gatsby’ was published by Allen and Unwin in 2007, and who is currently
working on a version/interpretation of ‘Hamlet’.

John, who is the prime mover behind the program, has splendid plans
for the six issues/episodes, which includes eventually podcasting the
lot of them, but in the meantime, please tune or stream into ‘The
Comic Spot’, which features a simmering theme song by me and my
ukulele (thanks, Tolley and John Murphy) and, of course, scintillating

But what of the mysterious M.C.B.M*?

Hopefully see you in the year,


Bernard Caleo
Cardigan Comics

*Melbourne Comic Book Museum

Nicki, Bruce, Erica and Bernard
(Nicki Greenberg, Bernard Caleo – photo (c) Bernard Caleo)
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