Australian Comics: The Hip New Thing

The Comics Journal and The Comics Reporter have started to register that there’s gobs of decent book length comics being published in Australia. Why, Melbourne’s just awash in comics.

And not just print either: Keep up to date via these fine podcasts:

Nakedfella Productions Presents: Comic Book Funny

Stand-up comedy is lovely, but it’s got a Twilight Zone-style mirror
world which lives on paper and feeds on ink: the world of the
underground cartoonist.

Australia’s vigorous community of independent comic book makers spend
their days as clerks, shopgirls, students, teachers, ad artists,
animators and telemarketers. By night the spotlight drops onto their
drawing boards and their pens and brushes come out to play.

Their work is angry, scatological, satiric, whimsical and just plain funny.

Comic Book Funny is a series of free events presenting the often
hilarious, occasionally touching and always purchasable works of
Australia’s funniest comics auteurs the print analogue to the rest of
the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Drop by the Bella Union Bar at Trades Hall each Saturday at 4pm and
you’ll meet a few more talented cartoonists. See their wares! Ask them
questions! Drink with them! Admire their ink-stained fingers!

Featuring Australia’s best and funniest cartoonists:

Saturday March 22: Jo Waite, Dean Rankine, Pat Grant
Saturday March 29: Ben Hutchings, Glenn Smith, Ross Tesoriero
Saturday April 5: Bernard Caleo, Clint Cure, Neale Blanden
Saturday April 12: David Blumenstein, Nicki Greenberg, Andrew Weldon

David Blumenstein and Ben Hutchings will be podcasting local comics talk
and general silliness during the festival, at

This show is part of Comedy @ Trades

Venue: Bella Union Bar, Trades Hall, Melb
Dates: Saturday Mar 22, Mar 29, Apr 5, Apr 12
Tickets: Free
Times: 16:00pm
Bookings: None

David Blumenstein, 0422 509 144, david via

MEDIA CONTACT: Comedy @ Trades Publicists – Oh Traveller Publicity 03
9481 4155
Natalie Crupi: natalie via & Natasha Ludowyk tash via


John Retallick talks
Australian Comics and Culture
Last Thurs of every month
DIY ARTS Program 5-6pm
855am 3CR Community Radio
Streaming Live at 3CR.ORG.AU
Don’t forget the Summer Series
audio posted at

The ComicSpot has a theme song but no logo – yet. They welcome your submissions and suggestions; drop a comment on their blog if you have ideas.

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