The Sacrifice

[From Bernard Caleo]

The Sacrifice - Bruce Mutard


If you are interested in substantial Australian comics, if you are
interested in the way that history, fiction and pictures can be
braided into a story, then you’ll be interested in this I’ll wager:

next Wednesday, 23 April 2008, just a couple of days before Anzac Day,
the very fine ‘book comic’ (or ‘graphic novel’ if you will), by Bruce
Mutard called ‘The Sacrifice’, is to be launched at Readings Carlton
at 6.30pm.

‘The Sacrifice’ is published by Allen & Unwin, the same folk who
published Nicki Greenberg‘s excellent graphic adaptation of ‘The Great
Gatsby’ last October.

‘The Sacrifice’ is the first volume in the story of Robert Wells, a
young bloke in Melbourne in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Robert is
a pacifist but must decide whether he should enlist anyway, and the
book’s 244 pages follow him through the living rooms and backyards and
pubs of Melbourne’s suburbs (particularly St Kilda) as he interacts
with family, friends and workmates in his search for an answer.

Bruce Mutard has been making comics pretty much non-stop for more than
15 years and his skill at evoking a past Melbourne, in words and
pictures, is breathtaking.

I commend the book to you and invite you to come along to Readings
next Wednesday night when I will introduce and discuss the book with



Bernard Caleo
Cardigan Comics

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