Dunedin Comics Collective: illestrated larfing boxs

Dunedin Comics Collective Gets off their ass

Date: May 2, 2008 8:22 PM
Body: The Dunedin Comics Collective are looking for Dunedin comic artists as well as artists from all over our fine piece of dirt to submit for DCC: #1

What we want to put together is a collection of comic strips, one panel comics ,one page comics, illustrations , political cartoons , illestrated larfing boxs, pictorial diagrams, scribbles, doodles, stuff on napkins, super hero ,cartoons, posters, film noir, parody , R rated,abstract, religious , artsy , ironic, indie, musical strips …anything goes…lord knows…even actual art.

Deadline is 4TH JULY 2008

Format : TBC (but more than likely A5 b/w)

shoot me an email if you’re interested :


Tags: comics

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