Re: This Weekend: Chronox + Mini Mercado

Hey folks,

This Friday evening is the opening of the annual Northern ExposureFestival, High Street's weekend-long Winter arts hoo-hah. As part ofthis we got a couple of things going on:

ChronoxMichael Prior; Lachlan Conn

Opening Friday 20 June, 6–11pmPerformances on Friday night after 8pm by Matthew Brown and Tarab.

20 June – 22 June.Fri 6–11pm,Sat–Sun 1pm–11pm.

Utopian architecture, cardboard, boyhood nostalgia, cable-ties,repetition, light, dope, esoteric geometries and locked grooves.A large-scale installation/device.

In short: we've built some big stuff that you can climb inside. Thereis also a stupidly limited edition of 3 Chronox 7" dub-plate recordsmade for this show, each containing 20 locked grooves. If you'reinterested, this will be your only chance to get one of these. Oncethese precious objects are gone, they're gone forever.

Also, all the galleries on the street will be having openings too, soif yr up for a gallery crawl Friday's your night.

On Saturday afternoon we will have a Mini-Mercado Art Market out thefront from midday to 4pm or so. There will be simultaneous art/craftmarkets going on in various spots on High st.

If you're thinking of dropping in on Saturday or Sunday, please notethat the best time to experience Chronox is in the evening. Justsayin'.

And as a final incentive, this weekend marks the second birthday ofForepaw as a venue. So, you know, come help us celebrate. We're kindof stunned that we've gotten away with it for this long.

ALSO: Trails, our free monthly Drawing Thing, 7pm til whenever nextTuesday the 24th.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

275 High Street Northcote Vic 3070 Australia

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