‘Ugly, Drunk and Stupid’ – And There We Go!

[Courtesy An Island Art] – Australia: There’s the wonderful Jo Waite, curator of the exhibition ‘Ugly, Drunk and Stupid’ that she, and I, and Matt, and Susan, and Rose, and Joseph, and Georgia, and Zebedee, took down yesterday at the Town Hall Gallery at the Hawthorn Town Hall. And next to her is Mr Smiley, who Jo drew and was our exhibition mascot.

Mardi Nowak, who’s the curator of the space and a great booster for local zine and comics culture, took a whole bunch of photos of the exhibition, and of the ‘Ugly Draw-Off’ comics jam that we held on Saturday arvo after I gave a talk about the Ugly Tradition in comics art, focussing on Basil Wolverton, Ralph Steadman and Peter Bagge: a great discussion, much drawing, and, yes, sherry drinking ensued.
Thanks Mardi! See you at next year’s Fringe comics exhibition, eh?

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