Comics, Art, Writers in NZ Library presentation

Auckland: We interrupt the results of the 24 hour comics day reportage to give you this breaking bulletin:
Look this Way: New Zealand writers talk about New Zealand artists

New Zealand writers and artists talk about their contribution to Look this way: New Zealand writers on New Zealand artists.
Wednesday 29 October 2008 6.00pm
Central City Library
Whare wānanga, level 2
Free event. Welcome glass of wine from 5.30pm.
In Look This Way Sally Blundell asked 17 New Zealand writers to discuss a New Zealand artist of their choice. Through anecdote, memory, opinion, perceptive curiosity and observation, the writers personalised and privatised the space between an art work and its interpreter. They captured the very personal sense of intrigue inspired by a body of work and the variable ways in which a work of art can play on the senses, the imagination and the memory of the viewer.

Auckland City Libraries invite you to come along and hear painter Jacqueline Fahey, comics artist Barry Linton, mixed media artist Lily Laita from the artists, and graphic novelist Dylan Horrocks and musician/author Chris Knox for the writers, talk about what it was like to take part in this remarkable book, a 2008 Montana New Zealand Book Awards finalist.

Books will be available for purchase and the speakers will be available for Q&As and book signing after the talk.


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