Das Stadtschaftschaubild


Expanding the comic book form into installation, Das Stadtschaftschaubild, an invented compound word, literally translates to ‘the cityscape diagram’. By unfolding multiple narratives through the gallery space this work continues the themes from Psychogeographies (2009), The Wave Collapses (2006) and Singularity (2002) to investigate and reveal the probabilistic nature of the urban environment.

The viewer is invited to become the absent protagonist through a subjective experience of space, visualising the imprint of our conditioning through architecture and asserting the gaze of the (historically absent) female flâneur.

The installation is then documented and transformed into a comic (of sorts).

So on the news front: I finished up at VCA last year and have been working at expanding the comic book form into installation. What this means is instead of being limited to the page I am using the comics form in the gallery space – and then making a publication from that.

After this I’m off to Berlin for a while, I got accepted into the Culturia artist-in-residency program and going to spend some time in the “fatherland”.

See you soon

Alice Mrongovius

Brunswick Bound
361 Sydney Road


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