Tiny Peeks – Oct 30 2010

Exhibition and publication


Hand Held Gallery
108 Bourke st
Melbourne, Aust.
Sept 30 – Oct 30

Artists in Exhibition

Athonk, Jerome Bihan,  Richard Butler-Bowden, Amber Carvan,
Toni  Dowd, M P Fikaris,  Ghostpatrol,  Ha – Ha,  Jase Harper,
Michael Hawkins, James James, Anna Kearey,
Rena Littleson, Kirsty Madden, Tim McEwan, Tim Molloy,
No Frills Art,  Tom O’Hern, Mandy Ord , Phoenix
Rachel Jesse – Rae, Mel Roswell, Kirrily Schell, Pip Stafford,
Brendan Tolley, Jo Waite, Anthony Woodward.

Artists in Publication

Athonk, Lucy Berglund, Jerome Bihan, Anna Brown,  Richard Butler – Bowden
Amber Carvan, Bec U.’Cut’, Tim Danko, DavisClayton, Tonez  Dowd, Ero, M P Fikaris,
Cecilia Fogelberg, Ghostpatrol, HA HA,  Jase Harper,  Michael Hawkins, Merri Hellsink
James James, Anna Kearey, Tahnee K, Rena Littleson, LWNSKI, Kirsty Madden, Mike Makatron,
Michael Maneghetti, Tim Molloy, Aleck Morton, Alice Mrongovios, Indira Neville,
No Frills Art, Aaron O’Donnell, Tom O’Hern, Mandy Ord , Phoenix, the POX girls,
Rachel Jesse – Rae, Tony Reade, Daniel Reed, Mel Roswell, Kirrilly Schell, Pip Stafford,
Brendan Tolley, Sam Wallman, Jo Waite, John Weeks  and Anthony Woodward .

Curated by Michael Fikaris  and  Josephine Waite


centre spread of anthology by Tim Danko 2010
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