Free Comics Friday: Chugnut Free Comic Book Day Sampler 2011


Presented here is Chugnut comics’ ‘Free Comic Book DaySampler from 2011.

Right-Click to download as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, CBR, CBZ.

Edited by Anthony Woodward,

Featuring Neale Blanden, Anna Brown, Rebecca Clements, Tim Danko, Hamishi Farah, Maude Ferrugia, Michael Fikaris, Andrew Fulton, Pat Grant, Jase Harper, Dave Mahler, Marc Pearson, Luke Pickett, Josh Santospirito, Ive Sorocuk. (All rights reserved by individual creators; shared via Creative Commons license.)

Need tips on reading e-comics? Recommended:

CDisplay and ComicRack for Windows, Simple Comic and FFView for Mac. ‘Comix’ for Linux

Mobile viewers: iComic and ComicZeal for iPhones/iPods, RobotComix for Android (Open Source) phones

Chungnut Free Comics Day 2011.
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