Free Comics Friday: QuickDraw #6

QuickDraw #6 is now available for download via Amazon, iBookstore and just about every e-bookstore on the planet. Set in Cambodia, it’s a collection of vignettes and observations exploring Khmer culture.

It’s FREE (excepting Amazon, where a minimum fee of 0.99 is required.) Feel free to download direct via the links below!

Amazon: (Kindle format)
EBookPie: (Epub format)

Download Direct: PDF, Mobi, Epub, CBR/CBZ
Khmer Language (coming soon to Amazon/iBookstore too!) PDF, Mobi, Epub, CBR/CBZ

Download Page:

Bonus: here’s a peek at one of our translation sessions, and the video reference it was drawn from.
translation_never_ends 1

Thumbs up from Top Shelf:

Need tips on reading e-comics? Recommended:

CDisplay and ComicRack for Windows, Simple Comic and FFView for Mac. ‘Comix’ for Linux. Mobile viewers: iComic and ComicZeal for iPhones/iPods, RobotComixfor Android (Open Source) phones

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3 Responses to Free Comics Friday: QuickDraw #6

  1. admin says:

    This just in: iBookStore does not accept books in Khmer language. Dang.
    I could *list* it as English but I’d prefer to lobby Apple to add Khmer language functionality.

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