‘Graphic Novels! Melbourne!’


Premiere from filmmaker Daniel Hayward and comic book maker Bernard Caleo.
It examines the amazing comic book culture in Melbourne. We speak in particular with Nicki Greenberg, Pat Grant, and Mandy Ord about their life and work.
The film also features interviews with international comic book luminaries Scott McCloud, Paul Gravett, Dylan Horrocks and Shaun Tan.
Soundtrack by Martin Martini, poster by Pat Grant.
Premiere details:
Date: Thursday 22 November 2012
Time: 8.30pm for 8.45pm speeches for 9pm film start
Place: Tyne Street laneway next to Readings bookshop 309 Lygon Street Carlton
(if it’s a wet night, we have a cinema booked at Cinema Nova)
Price: free, but please book through Readings on 9347 6633 or events@readings.com.au
Update: the film has been invited to Angouleme.

Hello again!

I wrote to you last week about ‘Graphic Novels! Melbourne!’, the feature documentary made by Daniel Hayward and myself, about comics culture in Melbourne, and in particular about comic book makers Nicki Greenberg, Bruce Mutard, Pat Grant and Mandy Ord, and their amazing graphic novels. I invited you to the premiere of the film, which is going to be in the laneway next to Readings bookshop 309 Lygon Street Carlton on Thursday 22 November 2012 at 8.30pm. Remember? You wrote it all down in your diary!
Well, now for some NEW news about the film – It has been accepted to screen at next year’s Angouleme Comics Festival, the (ahem) biggest comics festival in Europe! Now this is really great news – it means that we will get a chance to screen the film at one of the most important comics gatherings in the world! ‘Graphic Novels! Melbourne!’ will get shown to an international audience, and will give them a flavour of what is happening here, comics-wise. And yes, Daniel and I want to take the film there ourselves, to introduce it, to promote it, to watch it alongside people from other comic book cultures and see what chords it hits with them. We also have plans to take it to other places in Europe – we’ll let you know about these as they are confirmed…
The Festival runs January 31 – February 3 2012, so we have been booking accommodation and tickets and realising that this requires money, something which we have run out of. Enter Pat Grant, stage left. With Leigh Rigozzi, he has printed up 86 x A3 size copies of his magnificent and masterful poster for the film on the Risograph printer at the Rizzeria up in Sydney. And he’s GIVEN us these posters to sell to raise funds to help get Dan and I over to Europe with the film under our four arms. Thank you so much, Pat.
So: if YOU’D like an A3 Riso print of the ‘Graphic Novels! Melbourne!’ poster – designed, drawn, printed, signed and numbered by Pat Grant – AND you’d like to help Dan and I go over to Europe to show the film to those Europeans, please go and buy one from our pozible crowdfunding site:
You can also find there links to Pat’s blog about making the poster, and photos of the printing process at the Rizzeria.
Dan and I would really appreciate your support, and you’ll have a beautiful thing in your life.
I attach the image below, to remind you of the fine vision of a comics Melbourne that Pat portrays.
Hope to see you at a screening of the film in this year or the next, on this continent or another.
Bernard Caleo
Cardigan Comics
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Skinny Arse Comics Launch

Sunday, August 26, 2012, Yarra Building, Fed Square

Come and lick the cream from the latest Australian comic crop at the Skinny Arse Comics Launch as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival 2012.
Launching on the day will be…

Unforgotten by Tohby Riddle (Allen & Unwin)

In this beautiful new book, Unforgotten, Tohby Riddle brings to life what remains largely unseen in the everyday. Exploring the idea of ‘who helps the helper’ and ‘who gives to the giver’, Unforgotten is a stunning book that both adults and children will connect with.
In a time of chaos and constant distraction, Unforgotten reminds us of the place of peace and calm, while at the same time including themes of faith, doubt, friendship and compassion.

All You Bastards Can Go Jump Off A Bridge by J. Marc Schmidt (Milk Shadow Books)

Creator of of the cult classic graphic novels, Egg Story and Eating Steve, and the co-creator of The Sixsmiths, J. Marc Schmidt furiously rains down over 200 pages of comic stories covering art, romance, religion, anger, pop culture parodies, sex and death in his latest collection, All You Bastards Can Go Jump Off A Bridge.

Featuring over a year’s worth of webcomics, plus loads of rare strips from small press and anthology titles, All You Bastards Can Go Jump Off A Bridge explores human behaviour, and why it can sometimes be so hard to just get along with each other.

Features a foreword by Tango’s Bernard Caleo.

For The Term of His Natural Life by Peter Foster (Pikitia Press)

Peter Foster’s adaption of Marcus Clarke’s classic Australian novel For The Term of His Natural Life. Depicting the hardships of convicts in Tasmania in the early days of the colonisation of Australia. sixty-four pages of vibrant colour with several pages detailing the original creation of one of Australia’s first graphic novels and a foreword from Marcus Clarke scholar Laurie Hergenhan.

“Showman?” The Bret Braddock Adventures Book 1 & 2 (Nakedfella Productions)

A webcomic since 2009, the tale of Bret Braddock, wealthy arsehole, recently came to a poignant end. Now the whole story is collected together in two jam-packed volumes. An essential read for anyone who’s ever been told “The cheque’s in the mail”.

The Trials of Francis Bear by Gregory Mackay (Milk Shadow Books)

Melbourne indie comix legend Gregory Mackay’s latest expedition into the world of the his most beloved character, Francis Bear. This time Francis has to deal with War, punishment, technology and the bottle, all whilst never losing the beautifully sparse signature sarcasm or simple style that makes the book so unique.

This is a free event, and will feature MC-ing bythe King of comics examination, Bernard Caleo. Also comics maestro Bruce Mutard will be popping by for some hijinks!

All of the artists will be in attendance, so there’ll be lots of signings, short speeches and other fun. An after party will be held nearby (Location, TBA).

Get down to Skinny Arse. Guaranteed to enrich your soul and not clog your arteries!


PS: The Skinny Arse after-party is now officially being held at Beer DeLuxe in Fed Square from 5.30pm onwards.

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24 Hour Comics Day 2010 11am-ish – drawing drawing drawing

We are going to be a little light on the documentation this year until after the event.
You can draw – or you can noodle with the computer.
Please do check our video stream which clicks in and out.
Shout out to Singapore , doing this for the first time!

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Live from Cambodia [9am]


And #24hourcomics started about an hour ago at @javaarts in Phnom Penh #Cambodia. Troubleshooting scanning and internet stuff, hope to have pix and scans later. For now it’s time to DRAW.

Wish us luck! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/24cambodia/ Follow us @comicslifestyle

Hi to folks in Finland (and around the planet)! It’s a lot warmer here!

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Tiny Peeks – Oct 30 2010

Exhibition and publication


Hand Held Gallery
108 Bourke st
Melbourne, Aust.
Sept 30 – Oct 30

Artists in Exhibition

Athonk, Jerome Bihan,  Richard Butler-Bowden, Amber Carvan,
Toni  Dowd, M P Fikaris,  Ghostpatrol,  Ha – Ha,  Jase Harper,
Michael Hawkins, James James, Anna Kearey,
Rena Littleson, Kirsty Madden, Tim McEwan, Tim Molloy,
No Frills Art,  Tom O’Hern, Mandy Ord , Phoenix
Rachel Jesse – Rae, Mel Roswell, Kirrily Schell, Pip Stafford,
Brendan Tolley, Jo Waite, Anthony Woodward.

Artists in Publication

Athonk, Lucy Berglund, Jerome Bihan, Anna Brown,  Richard Butler – Bowden
Amber Carvan, Bec U.’Cut’, Tim Danko, DavisClayton, Tonez  Dowd, Ero, M P Fikaris,
Cecilia Fogelberg, Ghostpatrol, HA HA,  Jase Harper,  Michael Hawkins, Merri Hellsink
James James, Anna Kearey, Tahnee K, Rena Littleson, LWNSKI, Kirsty Madden, Mike Makatron,
Michael Maneghetti, Tim Molloy, Aleck Morton, Alice Mrongovios, Indira Neville,
No Frills Art, Aaron O’Donnell, Tom O’Hern, Mandy Ord , Phoenix, the POX girls,
Rachel Jesse – Rae, Tony Reade, Daniel Reed, Mel Roswell, Kirrilly Schell, Pip Stafford,
Brendan Tolley, Sam Wallman, Jo Waite, John Weeks  and Anthony Woodward .

Curated by Michael Fikaris  and  Josephine Waite


centre spread of anthology by Tim Danko 2010
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