Justin Hall, USA: On Saturday, December 8th, I’m going to be the Cartoonist-in-Residence at the S.F. Cartoon Art Museum. I’ll be making comics on a drawing table set up in the lobby from 1-3pm, and will be answering questions and hobnobbing with anyone who wants to talk to me. The Museum Residency program is a way to reach out to local creators and fans, as well as to give Museum attendees an opportunity to talk to a working cartoonist and understand more about the process of making comics.

Please come by and support your friendly, neighborhood cartoonist! I’ll be cold, alone, and sad if no one comes by to visit… how’s that for a guilt trip? To sweeten the deal, I’ll be giving away free copies of my True Travel Tales comics. Also, you get to check out the Museum, which is really quite wonderful, and has an unusually dynamic group of shows at the moment. Two uber-talented friends of mine, Lark Pien and Hellen Jo have solo shows of their work up right now.

I will be drawing, like in this photo, but I will be wearing warmer clothes.

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