reading at Powells, 2 girls

from Shannon Wheeler (USA):

This is a photo of the stream and photo stream etc.
The signing went great. I had a blast. There were a good 50 people there (I am very appreciative of everyone who came out – thank you!), double what they typically get. Some of them I didn’t even know. I was nervous to start but then it got going pretty good. With practice I should be able to get the transparency thing down. The streaming seemed to work ok too. There were over a dozen people who actually watched the thing ‘streaming’.

And here are a couple good plugs for the event:

I’m trying to get an animator friend to do an animation of two women sitting drinking tea, sharing one cup. I figure the overflow from the two-girls thing would be enough to make a small mint in ad revenue. What’s up with that anyhow? Hasn’t there been gross stuff on the internet for 10 years? Didn’t we do that the first week of dial-up? Aren’t we over the shock-value it’s-so-gross entertainment?

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