‘Annus Mirabilis’

for Australian Comics, “which means not ‘wonderful bottom’ but ‘miraculous year‘” Bernard Caleo is quick to point out in his intro at the launch of Rooftops.

Hello folks,

if you missed the launch of ‘Rooftops’, Mandy Ord’s assured and
assuredly beautiful graphic novel (or ‘book comic’ as they are fast
becoming known) the good folks at Finlay Lloyd, the publishers, have
put up photos and the text of the launch speech here:

Chewie Logo

The book is available at ‘Brunswick Bound’, the very fine bookshop
where it was launched. 361 Sydney Road Brunswick. At $25, it is what
is known in the trade as ‘a steal’.
As I understand it, ‘Rooftops’

will become more widely available (comic book shops, book book shops)
in February.



Bernard Caleo
Cardigan Comics

(Props to Chewie for picture sharing!) More: http://del.icio.us/comicslifestyle/Rooftops

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