Drawing Room

Exhibition “Drawing Room”
Opening- 6pm, 1 February 2008, Rubies Wine Bar
Corner of Streets 19 and 240, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Artists: Panca Evenblij, Sopheap Pich, Piteak, Ali Sanderson,
Kong Vollak and John Weeks.

Drawings may be representational, depicting objects, living beings, or scenes which the artist views, remembers, or imagines. They may be realistic to the point of lifelike resemblance (e.g. traditional portraits), architectural drawing or looser approximations of reality (e.g. sketches), and highly stylized (e.g. cartoons, caricatures), or abstract (e.g. automatic drawing, entoptic graphomania)……
…..and that’s what the show is.

For more info please email pancaevenblij [via] gmail [dot] com

Postscript: Review:

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