Comic’s Rehab’s Sticky Date

Here are MPF’s minutes and pics:

t’was a hot n muggy day in campbell arcade
i was there at 12:05 chattin w/ luke over juice
Michael Hawkins(swordholder n pal from Tas) was there at 12:15


Clint was there soon after and I finished my panels(up now) at 12:45


Bernard,Alice, Cass,Clint, Michael and I were all drawing away by 1


photos by sticky and letter writing out front with visitors crowded us in=fun!


by 2 i was across mall at pals record shop and up at Hells kitchen by 3
on return there were too many questions about the project i couldnt answer…
(”can anyone draw” “why is it called rehab” “what will the zine be like?” etc)
missed a friend and got new providence comic anthology ‘dragomen’ and
was given a couple, in particular Tim Molloys newie ‘Under the bed’
(look for this one).
Tim and I then started some exquisite corpses and bernard and family left
as his buddy john continued to ask questions and take notes.
Nick Potter and I started some more ‘corpses’ and Carl Von Burger came
to collect my 6 page thread for his ‘choose yer adventure’ comic
Jo Waite came along with her cousin, just as Cassandra left.
Alice left soon after and I realised we had forgotten the zine production…
I left at 4:30 and saw only a handful of images on the table (and 3
exquisite corpses)
so hopefully there are a few things for whoever is preppin up the ziney thing
otherwise – fun was had by all and the shop hung my posters for TRAILS
proudly in the window. yes.

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