Meet the Pusciastovas

In Italy, women creators are contributing to a community comics metablog. They’re calling themselves ‘The Pusciastova’ . Courtesy Google Translator, how the idea started:

Today I woke up with an unhealthy head; create a virtual lounge for me and my friends…female designers.

In short, we are many, scattered throughout Italy, sometimes we feel alone and misunderstood.

Other times we frullano in mind genialate and have no one to help us give some practical sense, and leave in a drawer.

Instead we could really do great things with moral support and a fair bit of temerity!

So why not join forces rather than stay to make the mold between a table and the other?

[Riuniamoci dummy] to our table and start to deal with all seriousness that joyful female!

What? Pusciastova. Why? And what does it mean?

Well, everything is born of a conversation chatting with Kat, a designer, who spoke the names of our cats. ^ _ ^

I came to a “flash” of a great Russian family where women are the pivot and none of them alone, just like a real, functional, affectionate family structure.

In Russia the women’s surname ends “ova”, the pun was done.

The Pusciastova, the large family of matrioshka, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends.

So, who wants to be part of the family Pusciastova? Unique requirements: to be women and artiste.

Here you will find space for your work and your words.

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